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Specializing in developmentally appropriate speech and language therapy provided in the comfort of your home.

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Custom Speech Therapy in Saskatoon helps enhance speech, language, interaction and feeding skills.

With over 10 years of experience working with children and teens with varying needs. I love working closely with clients, caregivers and educators to support them in their journey to enhance skills and meet goals.

1-on-1 In-Home Speech Therapy

Helping people in Saskatoon with:

Speech Sound Disorders

Some people struggle to pronounce certain speech sounds. This can be due to hearing impairment, muscle weakness, coordination, phonological disorders, or simple misarticulation. 


Receptive language refers to the ability to understand language. Expressive language is the ability to use language communicatively. Language delays and disorders impact the ability to learn and interact in day to day life. Enhancing language skills can improve interpersonal communication, and academic performance. 


In clients with developmental delays, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) work to meet them at their level and provide tools to enhance play, interaction, and communication skills.


Support for children with oral aversion, picky eating, and physical differences/ disabilities impacting their ability to eat a variety of healthy foods.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hanen trained, I believe in building communication skills through positive interactions with a variety of partners. Taking a team approach to support children to learn intentional communication. I have enjoyed working with many children with ASD throughout my career.

AAC- Augmentative Alternative Communication

Support for people with a wide variety of communication disorders. This often means including alternative modes of communication — such as; picture based communication, aided language stimulation, voice output communication buttons, high tech tablet based communication systems, sign language and more!


Office appointments available upon request.


Custom Speech Therapy strives to find the right mode to support clients and their families on the quest for improved multimodal communication.

About Custom Speech Therapy


Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a master’s degree in Communication Disorders. Registered by SASLPA, and hold memberships with SAC and ASHA. I have been a practicing Speech pathologist for over 10 years.

The majority of my time I’ve spent serving children under age 6 with a variety of needs. From very mild speech and language delays to more significant developmental delays and complex medical needs. Also, experienced in working with older children and teens.

Originally from Saskatoon, I have an understanding of the unique challenges that exist in Saskatchewan with so much space and a small population.

I find the variety in this work fascinating and rewarding. I believe strongly in the important role of caregivers. Supporting parents and caregivers to use the strategies taught in therapy increases the benefit of each appointment.

– Jill Morgan, M.S, CCC-SLP (reg SK)

Registered Member Of

saslpaSpeech Language Audiology Canada (SAC)ASHA


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an SLP?
Speech Language Pathologist or Therapist.

How much?
Sessions range from $90- $130, depending on duration, location and group size.

Appointment Duration?
Hour long appointments consist of 45-50 mins of direct treatment and 10-15 mins for planning and charting.

Will health insurance cover this?
Many health plans offer funds for speech therapy. Check with your plan to learn more about annual speech therapy allotments.

Day time sessions are offered throughout the week. Saturday appointments have been made available to accommodate clients’ needs.

Meeting in Warman, SK?
Custom Speech Therapy will be in Warman 2-4 days/month.

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Call: +1 (306) 280-3396 or email me at info@customspeechtherapy.ca